Take the fun of a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt and put it into text messaging on your phone. Madd Matt's offers an exclusive treasure hunt service we developed for colleges and universities.

How Does the Text Hunt Work?

It's easy. Your event participants text a keyword to your unique Treasure Hunt telephone number. They receive back a clue to take them to the first location. Once there, they can either complete a task or enter the next clue you post on a sign.

Having trouble figuring the clue out? No problem. You can provide a second "help" clue so people can keep moving along. If you're timing the event, we can add 20 or 30 seconds to the time for every help clue received to penalize the team.

cell phone scavenger hunt photo by Gloria-La Chiquita
make a treasure hunt using your cell phone and texting SMS Texting Scavenger Hunt photo by Lea Squeaky

Combine With Other Task for Real Fun

You can use the Text Treasure Hunt as a promotional event. Have tasks for players to do at each station, such as post to Facebook or take a picture or even sample a food product. There are limitless ideas.

When you sign up for the Text Treasure Hunt, you'll receive our guidebook to help you design clues and a treasure hunt for your party or event.

Customized treasure hunts are available. Just ask us, and we'll work with you to create a custom Text Treasure Hunt game.

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SMS Texting Treasure Hunt photo by Tom Hryck Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt photo by Richard Masoner