The Zombies are Coming and You Can Stop Them

The Zombie apocalypse is now and you and your friends must defend yourself. Madd Matt's has created a unique new attraction utilizing our high-tech laser tag equipment and the walking dead.

Zombies are hot! With the success of AMC's The Walking Dead and popular movies like Zombieland, the living dead are more popular now than ever. You can bring Madd Matt's exciting new Zombie Tag attraction to your next event and show your guests a frighteningly good time.

Zombies stalking human players
a pair of zombies at Madd Matts Zombie Tag A laser tag player takes on the zombies

Zombies wear sensors which your players can tag. We've been running mobile zombie tag at parties and events just like yours. There are several ways to play zombie tag.

A screaming laser tag zombie scares the humans
the zombies are coming, can you stop them with your laser tag gun Teams of up to 4 laser tag players

Madd Matt's can provide Zombie actors for your event or enlist volunteers to be Zombies during the event. You can even have Hollywood style makeup and Zombie costumes to the event.

We can provide you makeup at several levels. Last October, one of our parties had 15 actors and 3 makeup artists providing the world class makeup you see here. All the photos on this page were from Madd Matt's events.

zombie makeup just like walking dead
makeup artist applies the finishing touches to zombie makeup high quality zombie makeup

Please note, Hollywood quality makeup as shown here is an upgrade and requires extra setup time. You can discuss your needs on the phone.

Turn Your Location Into a Haunted House

Madd Matt's has experience turning entire properties into Zombie Tag arenas. There are several ways to play.

You can lead your guests in small groups into an "infected area" and have zombies surprise them at every turn. Your players will need to reach a point to exit or destroy the zombie outbreak.

make for an exit in zombie tag
zombies are every where take out the zombies to win the game

You can also play various traditional laser tag games in a large arena with different goals. For instance, your players may find it's fun to play zombie "Kill Confirmed."

In this scenario, two teams compete against each other to tag our more zombies than the other team. But watch out, zombies can bite back!

Themed Obstacles and Lighting Effects Make Your Event

With all of the zombie events we've done, the Madd Matt's team has acquired an assortment of zombie props and scenery to add that special ambience to your zombie themed party or event.

madd matts will make a zombie haunted house for you and your guests.
realistic lighting and scenery turn your facility into a zombie infected zone. are your guests ready to enter the zombie contamination zone

Exclusive to Madd Matt's! This is the only mobile Zombie Tag Shack in the World!

We made this unique attraction to create an exciting laser tag game that can fit in a small area (approximately 20' x 20'). This allows you to bring laser tag to almost any event. Zombie tag includes:

Destructible Shack

Zombie Tag is unique because of our shack. Our unique wooden shack contains four walls made with Velcro planks. The Zombies will destroy the shack during each team's game by ripping down the walls. Players can spend their time rebuilding the shack or searching for extra ammo. If the Zombies destroy a full wall, they can get into the shack and the team's game is over!

To play Zombie tag, players form teams of up to 4 players. Each team gets to defend a shack from repeated Zombie attacks. Your goal is to shoot the Zombies. Once the Zombies break in, the timer stops. The team that survives the longest wins.

Teams have limited ammo with their high-tech laser guns to fight the Zombies. Teams can repair their shack or search for extra ammo between waves of Zombies.

Small Footprint

We can set up Zombie Tag in a 20' x 20' space. With our inflatable tent, we can run Zombie Tag almost anywhere.

Costumed Zombies or Zombie Gear

Depending on your needs we have multiple options to staff Zombie Tag. We can bring in actors to be zombies so you can have a complete attraction. If you prefer to use volunteers for Zombies, we will require a minimum of 6 volunteers for the entire event time plus one hour prior to beginning Zombie Tag. Our team will bring all the costumes and make-up necessary to make realistic Zombies.

Protect your shack from zombies
protect your shack with your laser tag gun or repair the walls Zombies go down hard

High-Tech Laser Tag Equipment

Your players will attack zombies with our high-tech laser tag equipment complete with red-dot scopes. Zombies will wear sensors on their head for the players to tag. Players will receive limited ammo, but may earn additional ammo throughout their defense. Each wave of Zombies is tougher than the last!

Timing and Scoring

The team or player who survives the longest wins Zombie Tag. Each team will be presented with their score (time) at the end of their defense.

The Zombie Shack is ideal for events where you have limited space.


Due to the extreme nature of this game, it is recommended for twelve and older.

Set up for Zombie Tag is longer than regular laser tag. Please expect 2 hours setup and teardown.

Electricity is required during the game (regular 110-volt plug/15 or 20 amp circuit).

For outdoor and indoor events with at least 15 foot ceilings, Madd Matt's can bring our inflatable Zombie tent.

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Madd Matt's will travel across the Eastern United States for large events. We've worked from Minneapolis to New England, from Texas to Chicago. We work regularly in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.


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